A Sunday well spent...

As the weather begins to look more unsettled and school approaches we are determined to maximise the interspersed good weather and hit the coast as much as possible.

Today took us to between Goring and Ferring. This was a first for us and had been recommended by a passerby who had spoken to us about pop tops as he saw us having dinner in ours in Worthing! Turns out it was a fab location with plenty of free parking alongside the beach with a perfect view of all the wind surfers tackling the waves.

Lloyd had come up with the idea to bring some acrylic paints with us and get the girls doing some art. They combed the beach for some perfect stones and shells whilst Lloyd set them a mini art studio up in the roof of the van. It turned into a memorable afternoon. The girls had such fun painting with their music in the background, the sea breeze and beautiful views all around. Turned into a family karaoke session (apologies to passersby for my efforts!) and impromptu dancing on the beach all finished off with a delicious BBQ. Definitely gives meaning to the saying ‘a Sunday well spent brings a week of content!’

Next up is a day trip to the Isle of Wight over the Bank Holiday weekend so the van will be going into the garage with Lloyd this week for an oil change and general check over. Billy will also be taking the trip with us so his large crate will be put back in and the back seats will need altering to accommodate!