At the outdoor cinema - in a Transporter!

Visiting outdoor cinemas over the past couple of months has proven to be a real treat for us and the girls. It has felt like we have really been out-out!

So far we have seen the classic Grease in the sunshine at Henley showground, Mamma Mia at Syon Park and Jurassic Park in the dark with Blenheim Palace in the background. It has been so much fun and a totally new way to watch a film! We pull up, surprise the staff by asking if we can go right to the very back of the viewing area when everyone is vying to get closer, end up with our own little space and then release the roof on the van opening up the best platform to watch these films ever! We have made sure we have all the comforts of home with us; lots of snuggly cushions, throws, popcorn, a Bumbo seat for Hallie, some pretty string lights, flowers, soft drinks (Pimms for us!) and  we are good to go. It has felt magical and excitingly an outdoor cinema has been planned for Cornwall’s showground later this month so if we manage to get away for a few nights camping we will be sure to visit too! 

We have always been happier on the beach and given we are not travelling abroad this year we have had to get our fix going to beaches closest to home. Never having been fans of busy beaches and now more than ever we have searched out quieter spots to pull up and be beside the sea. We have found glorious contentment in picking up some take out chips, putting the music on, popping our roof up making it our dining space, playing board games and watching the sunset. We have a small portable fridge we use (as we have a leisure battery) and so we can bring whatever supplies we need from home too. Also once the roof is up we are able to stand up in the back of the van so getting the kids changed for/ from the beach is simple too. I’m sure when thinking about next year’s holiday it will be highly probable we will opt to drive to different destinations abroad so we can continue to have these unique experiences beside the coast. Road tripping has never looked so good!