Keeping your van warm...

Ever worried that camping in a van would be cold? It doesn’t need to be. Diesel heaters solve this problem. They provide programmable warm air flow to make nights away a more comfortable. Better still, it sits outside of the cabin, underneath the vehicle and the heat generated enters through small vents where you decide to put them.

Some of the benefits include:

  • Independent fuel supply from the vehicle’s own tank.
  • Space saving installation under the floor or in the engine compartment.
  • Low power and fuel consumption.
  • Low operating costs.
  • No extra components needed whilst travelling abroad.
    Simple, convenient operation.
  • Pre-programming and remote control (optional).
  • Service and maintenance-friendly design.

So although Summer is on its way, there are still chilly evenings and with a diesel heater you can keep warm no matter what the weather.

We fit Eberspächer diesel heaters – a company which has been developing and producing heaters for motorhomes and vans for many years. For more information about their products, visit